Frankie Ray Kids Eyewear

Frankie Ray is a product of Eyetribe Pty Ltd that was born on the beaches of Australia in 2008.

With the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, Frankie Ray sunglasses focus on the prevention of ocular damage caused by overexposure to UV radiation.

Children receive half a lifetime dose of ultra violet rays in their first 15 years and protection for the eyes during childhood is critical, as eye damage from UV radiation is cumulative.

Frankie Ray sunglasses are designed specifically for babies and kids aged 0 – 10 years, and provide 100% UV protection for little peepers. 

All lenses are made from A Grade shatterproof polycarbonate (Category 3) that comply with Australian Eye Protections Standards (AS/NZS; 1067, 2003), the highest standards in the world.

We figure that by designing smart looking shades for babies and kids, we can not only do good but we can keep kids looking good too! 

Although sun protection is a very serious matter, we have some fun with our designs and make sure that our little Aussie tackers are setting global style standards too!