Q: The sunglasses may look good but do they provide high level UV protection?

A: Yes!! All EYETRIBE sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS: 1067 2003. The lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate and offer Category 3 (smoke) level protection.

Q:Is it important for kids to wear sunglasses?

A: It sure is! Sun protection for the eyes during childhood is critical, as eye damage from UV radiation is cumulative & overexposure to sunlight, can result in chronic ocular damage.

New research has found that Australian children, some as young as eight, are showing serious eye damage from the sun. So, the most effective way to protect children's eyes from harmful UV rays, is to make sure they are always wearing sunglasses that comply with the Australian standards.

A recent key focus for SunSmart has been the "Slide on your Sunnies" as a new sun protection measure. The Cancer Council said strong evidence shows shade and correct eyewear are equally important parts of the sun protection message.

Exposure of the eyes to UV radiation can cause both short-term effects including corneal sunburn, sore, watery eyes and blurry vision as well as long-term ocular damage such as development of cataracts, and cancer of the eye surface and eyelids. Sunglasses should be a close fitting, wrap around style that covers as much of the eye area as possible. EYETRIBE works with these development guidelines across all styles in both the Frankie Ray and Squids ranges.

Q: Are all the styles different sizes?

All Frankie Ray styles are slightly different in shape and size. The collection is designed to offer a variety of styles for kids aged 0 - 10 yrs.

Q: Do the sunglasses come with a case included?

A: Yes, each pair of EYETRIBE sunglasses comes with its own protective case. Frankie Ray is packaged in PVC side zip cases with a clip attachment.

Q: Where can I try on the sunglasses?

A: For your closest EYETRIBE stockist, email sales@eyetribe.com.au or call Bec on 0438 870374.